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Feb 01, 2017

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How to Beat the Swelling Feeling During Your Pregnancy

Swelling. It’s not a glamorous part of being pregnant but it is very normal. During pregnancy your body is producing almost 50% more blood and fluid to help meet the needs of your growing baby. Normal swelling, or edema, is typically experienced around the fifth month of pregnancy and can increase during your third trimester. Swelling_During_Pregnancy.jpg

Factors Affecting Your Swelling

  • High temperatures in the summertime
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Having days packed full with activities
  • Low potassium diet
  • Consuming high levels of caffeine and sodium

The extra fluids in your body account for about 25% of the weight gain you may experience during your pregnancy. The extra fluid is needed to soften your body, enabling it to expand as your baby develops and prepares the pelvic joints and tissues for delivery. The good news is there are some things you can do to help reduce your swelling.

Ways to Reduce Swelling During Pregnancy

  • Avoid standing for long periods of time
  • Avoid long periods of time outside during hot summer days
  • Keep your feet elevated while resting or sitting
  • Wear comfortable shoes as much as possible
  • Avoid clothes that hug your wrists or ankles
  • Drink plenty of water, this helps flush your body and reduce water retention

Foods to Help Fight Swelling During Pregnancy

  • Choose foods rich in Vitamin C: oranges, grapefruits, melons and strawberries
  • Choose foods rich in Vitamin E: vegetable oil, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, nuts and sweet corn
  • Choose foods high in Antioxidants: blueberries, cranberries, artichokes, raspberries and prunes
  • Choose foods high in Potassium: sweet potatoes, green beans, clams molasses and bananas

Slight swelling is expected during every pregnancy. However, if you are experiencing any sudden swelling in your hands or face talk to your doctor. Sudden swelling could be a sign of preeclampsia or a blood clot.

Just remember, pregnancies only last 40 weeks, so after your beautiful baby is born your swelling should decrease. In the meantime, try and stick to these tips to reduce your swelling, especially during these final months of summer. 


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