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Enjoy Your Pregnancy

There are plenty of great resources available to help make for a fun and exciting pregnancy, and we'll be featuring new items to make your nine months as care-free and enjoyable as possible.

Greenville OB/GYN: Obstetric Care

Pregnancy and birth are two of the most celebrated parts of life. Our staff of Doctors & Midwives have created a plan of care for you during your pregnancy and delivery to help you enjoy every second of this truly unique and exciting time. We’ll guide you through important moments like feeling the first kick or watching your baby move on the ultrasound, and walk along side you to share in your excitement. Because at Greenville OB/GYN making sure you enjoy a healthy & exciting pregnancy is just as important to us as it is to you. Explore some of the resources here and learn more about what you can expect during each trimester, read about how the latest technology can help you and your team of providers get a detailed picture of your baby’s life in the womb, and meet the compassionate team of physicians and midwives who will help you along the path to your new family.