Girls' Adolescence Seminar

Mar 20, 2017

Mother_daughter_small.jpgIf your daughter is between the ages of 9 and 14 and you are like most parents, you have probably noticed some increased tension in the house. If there is one thing adults can all agree on, it’s that adolescence can be a stressful and confusing time for everyone. As our children reach puberty, constant growth and change are inevitable both physically and mentally. They are experiencing hormonal changes, increased social pressures and body image struggles, and they are loaded with questions they might feel too embarrassed to address. Greenville OB/GYN - a division of Physicians East -  is hosting a seminar for adolescent girls to open the door to those difficult conversations we may not know when to start.

What to Expect

These parent-child-based sessions will address a variety of topics that will help your teen or pre-teen understand the changes they are experiencing, what they can expect in the years to come and the role they can play in maintaining a healthy, safe and happy life throughout adolescence. A co-leader of the girls’ session Dr. Angela Haskins says, “The most important thing we can do for our children is create a safe and loving environment for them to discuss difficult situations without fear of embarrassment or anger. We are hoping to educate not only the children but the parents as well.” The classes will cover discussions on the changes of puberty, personal hygiene, adolescent health problems, abstinence education and the responsibilities and consequences of adolescent sexuality.

When & Where

The three-hour session is FREE of charge and will be located at Branches – a division of Oakmont Baptist Church – located at 1400 Red Banks Road in Greenville from 9am-12pm. The girls’ seminar, led by Dr. Angela Haskins and Dr. Kori Whitley, will be held on April 29.

Reserve your Seat

Spaces are limited, so be sure to RSVP to Greenville OB/GYN at 252.758.4181 and register yourself and your child for what is sure to be a healthy and encouraging conversation.


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